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In behalf of  The Pediatric Endocrine Unit / Children Department AL Sabah Hospital , its our pleasure to invite you  to the 16 th Endocrine Conference " Endocrine Disorders , Long-term Management " Mövenpick Hotel  Al Bida'a Kuwait 9 -1 0 April 2017

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Dr.Zaidan AL Mazaidi

Head of Endocrine Unit , Al Sabah Ped Hospital

اختلال الغدد الصماء /المتابعه  والعلاج

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Dr.Dina Ramadan

Consultant metabolic

AL Sabah Ped Hospital

Conference Organizer

  Dr. Zidan Al Mazaidi

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Dr. Adeeb Al-Zoubi 

(Jordon) - Assistant Professor.

Endocrine Disorders

      Long-term Management

Mövenpick Hotel  Al Bida'a Kuwait

9 -1 0 April 2017